Privacy Policy for the Video Downloader.

Preliminary note: The processing of the data accumulated by POST Service & Consulting Limited is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the “Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes” (BDSG) and other legal laws (eg. privacy laws of the respective countries, or the “Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch” (BGB) and other requirements) that apply to electronic commerce, in addition POST Service & Consulting Limited explains the following:

1. POST Service & Consulting Limited discloses all personal data and no personal data is passed on to third parties:

A transfer of personal data by POST Service & Consulting Limited to third parties during the download process and / or the installation and / or the operations of the software Video Downloader does not occur in principle.

2. Non-personally identifiable information that is collected automatically by POST Service & Consulting Limited:

When the user opens the pages, used by Video Downloader, the following information gets processed to assure the successful operation of Video Downloader: the web pages that the user opens or the operating web server, the name of the internet service provider of the user and the website from which the user came from and the sub-pages the user opened. Otherwise, the user might not be warned of harmful sites. No personal information is collected by POST Service & Consulting Limited automatically. The date and duration of the individual page visits will be stored by POST Service & Consulting Limited in an anonymous form and checked against a database operated by POST Service & Consulting Limited to alert the user about malicious sites, so that the purpose of the contract is fulfilled.

3. Collection, processing and use of personal data by POST Service & Consulting Limited:

Personal data of the user are only collected by POST Service & Consulting Limited, if they are supplied by the users through their inputs in the course of using the offers of POST Service & Consulting Limited. The user personal data is exclusively and used only for the purpose for which the user has entered the data for POST Service & Consulting Limited during the use of the Video Downloader or granted the use and disclosure through giving his consent by appropriate input. After complete termination of the contractual relationship – for example, in the case of deleting the user account or termination of the sales process – the data must be saved for tax and commercial law retention periods. After these periods the user data gets deleted, unless the user explicitly consented the further processing of the data and the deletion is legally not permissible or technically not possible. Access to the data processing services of POST Service & Consulting Limited are basically password-protected and protected against attacks by third parties according to the latest state of the art technology. A transfer of personal data to authorities and courts will only take place if a court order or legislation exists to force POST Service & Consulting Limited. Here POST Service & Consulting Limited will limit the scope of the transmission of data on the most necessary minimum. All employees of POST Service & Consulting Limited which are concerned with Video Downloader are bound to secrecy and compliance with data protection in writing to receive the employment relationship and these are regularly made aware of and trained on their obligations.

4. References (links) to other websites

During the use of Video Downloader links can be included to other websites, these are foreign content for which POST Service & Consulting Limited, according to legal regulations (§ 7 TMG) is not responsible, except in the case of intent and / or gross negligence.

5. Information that is automatically stored on the user’s computer (cookies)

Cookies are text files, which make it possible to adapt a website to the user’s interests. These require a minimum of space and can be stored by almost all operating systems and browsers at a defined point on the permanent memory of the computer of the user. When visiting a website run by POST Service & Consulting Limited and their subpages, information is temporarily stored in a “cookie” and / or permanently on the user’s computer. Thus, the user can be recognized by the POST Service & Consulting Limited server the next time he visits a POST Service & Consulting Limited website and then the individual and customized information is provided to the user. In the event that the user does not want a storage of “cookies” by POST Service & Consulting Limited, the user can set up the Internet browser used by him, so that it does not accept cookies and / or deletes the permanent memory of the computer of the user and / or issues a warning when “cookies” are to be saved. If in doubt, please consult the manual of your operating system and / or internet browser.

6. Processing of user data by “Google Analytics”:

POST Service & Consulting Limited reserves the right to use “Google Analytics” from the company Google Inc., USA (from now on: Google), for optimization purposed and marketing activities. This procedure is used to evaluate the use of the site by the user to generate reports about the visits on the respective pages, and to provide and / or possibly provide other services associated with the use of the site. For this purpose an abbreviated IP address (IP Masking) will be further processed by Google and pass on the information stored to third parties if necessary and if this is required by law and / or permitted or if third parties process the data on behalf of Google. “Cookies” are stored on the user’s computer, this assists the analysis service of Google obtain the information required- It is then transmitted to a server of Google and stored there. In the event that the user does not wish to store “cookies”, he can do as described in section 5 (at the end) about how to setup the browser accordingly. With the acceptance of this Privacy Policy by POST Service & Consulting Limited the user agrees to the terms of the data processing by the company Google on the use of Google Analytics. The data collection, storage and processing can be revoked at any time by the user, by setting this opt-out cookie. In addition, the user can use the deactivation add-on from “Google Analytics”, which can be found under the following URL: However, it is not available for every available browser.

7. Information, correction and deletion rights of the user:

When prompted by the user POST Service & Consulting Limited shall forthwith inform the user about whether and what personal data is stored in relation to the user in POST Service & Consulting Limited. In the event that the user data that is stored is wrong, they are to be corrected when prompted and substantiation was provided to POST Service & Consulting Limited. In addition, the user is entitled to a right to block and / or deletion of personal data that was collected by POST Service & Consulting Limited. We are happy to answer any further question on other issues relating to data protection of POST Service & Consulting Limited, please use the contact form found in the imprint.

POST Service & Consulting Limited – State: 04.01.2018